Our missions

Unify associations

The Students Office unifies associations and clubs of the UTT by organizing associative life and by supporting the projects which result from it. The Students Office is also responsible for clubs providing them with resources and helping them with cash flow management. This allows them to focus on their main activity without having to worry about administrative procedures.

Help Students

The association’s role is also to help students by offering different services (lockers, cashless systems, student dedicated space, equipment loans…). Thanks to numerous sponsors, Students Office’s members can also benefit from numerous advantages in local stores or directly online.

Represent UTT

Beyond the federation of student associations and clubs, the Students Office must also represent them both within the UTT and outside. It is in charge of making their voices heard and defending their interests with various local institutions.

Boost Student Life

Another mission of the Students Office is to boost the campus and more broadly student life at the UTT. Animation and event teams are working together to organize various events such as (the integration of new students, laser games inside of the school, theme days…).

Contact us

12 Rue Marie Curie
10000 Troyes
03 25 71 76 74

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